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Soul of the Dragons Guild
From EverQuest to Archeage, Soul of the Dragons is a gaming community with players in many MMO's and RTS's

Soul of the Dragons

Serpentis Raid Times

Fridays and Mondays at:


Everyone must have Auramancy Level 50, (wings is Required), also have Health food, health pots and a Scroll of Ressurrection in case a healer goes down to prevent a full wipe.

Tank: Gear Score 3k+, 22,000HP+, Ancient Library Relic, Kingdom Heart, Spell Book Brick Wall

Healers: Spell Book Brick Wall, Ancient Library Relic, Kingdom Heart, Hearty Soups

DPS: Spell Books Brick Wall & Unstoppable Force, Stat food for your class (Str/Agi/Int)

Extra Items that make this raid go smoother: Tangy Liquor, Tangy Soda, health pots, ancheint library relic, kingdom heart amd health / mana pots.

If you are not level 55 you should also have Immortal XP tonic to prevent EXP loss.


*some users may be hidden

Server: North America (Naima) Nuia Faction

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Archeage is free to play but offers a patron mode, we suggest you do patron mode for $65(6 months) or you will not be able to fully enjoy the game.

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