Archeage Headstart and Land grab

As head-start creeps near we prepare for an epic battle. Not once against a fearsome beast or an enemy faction but one against the massive lag and degraded servers as waves of players pour into the Archeage login servers and on to the game server. With that said, here are some things you should have ready for launch.

  • A list of character names in-case yours is taken,
  • Teamspeak installed and the server setup if you would like to join in on the land grab. Server address:
  • Your glyph client and Archeage game patched.
  • Windows updates done and restart your PC

Once you login to teamspeak we will be going over the plan to get 45 gilda, this will get you three 16x16 plots to place in the first 1Hr 10Min of game play. Optionally you can do the 8x8 quest if you would like, which takes about 5-7 minutes extra.

Most of us will be going Elf for the first run because it is the quickest.

If you have questions jump on teamspeak.

Published 12 Sep 2014 4:48 by kiamori