December 2014 - Posts

Story time, about Archeage this one is mine.

One fine day, myself and eight courageous adventurers set out to explore the world and seek our fortune quite far away. 

We set our sights on the southern sea; with tax paid to the king and design plans in hand, it was just eight other adventurers and me. Across seabug infested waters or maybe they were just otters, our destination we found. A grand island in the southern castaway sea with quite a solid ground. Plots put down, we met up with our friends and formed a little town. Enjoyed the ocean breeze, without a sneeze. The sand between our feet,  on the shore of our new homes which we all thought were neat.

Many adventures rowed past, who stumbled upon our home, one even had a mast. Ally and foe, a group by the name of Ironfist came in late one night with the tides tow. Introduce themselves they had this day, ask us for our help in fighting the reds in the east far away. So agreement we struck, then we feasted on some duck.


One a stormy overcast day, a great warriors of ours intended to place a farm where his house material lay. So he took up the home to replace it with something round and yellow, only to lose it moments later to a greedy fellow. And to an ally named Kuek in fact, we all thought him quite out of wack. Talk I did, however he was just a greedy pig. An ally we lost that day, all over a plot where we just wanted to grow some hay.

A broken alliance


Then one day, eastern warriors came to play. Invasion they had planed, for our great land. We barely survived,  when they all arrived. Prepared we were not, then a great ship we got.


Then one day, we invited some new adventures to stay. Latinus was the name, and Mcleod was to blame. For the fun we had, was not at all bad. I will not deny, we made a great new ally. I do not lie. With easterners we fought, I kid you not. United we were, with our faction we fought like a blur. Ocean battles we had, not one of them ending sad. 


Weeks later a middle aged fella and his wife washed ashore, on our little island we call home a place much better than before. Introduced himself he did, hello my name is Church and this is my wife Keflara he somewhat hid. We took him in and gave him shelter, and even let him use our smelter. I have no coin and no shoes on my feet, nothing to he said not even something to eat. To kind we were that day, as members as our kind members had entrusted him with land by the end of that day. To farm they said, and so you have a place to bed.

Months later this group of Ironfist, came out of the fog and out of the mist. Continued to attack, even while we carried some pack.


Later that day a  great fight was had, over some land that had gone bad. The winner it seemed was a lad by the name of Intro.. A good offer I made... declined he did I'm moving this land into my groups hand. It was late in the fall, that it was transfered to Kyoxen if I do recall.  

Moved on we did and continued our fight, killing pirates and easterners with our great might.


A friend Church met one day, so to Cirien we lent one plot away.


To Hasla we went, because all of our hard earned coin were spent. So rallied the troops we did, and the group was quite big.


Day after day we joined in the fight, until one day some purple came and gave us a fright.


With the reds now united,  and my right eye quite blighted. Our group stood strong faction almost united. Our land they wanted so harassing us they did, regardless of faction action like pig. Losing we were because of one man, the reds were taking this land.


with our faction split, and ironfist throwing a fit. I knew not what to do, fight them we agreed all but two.

Beg them to stop Church expressed, as he could not farm he became quite depressed. A deal he made, with land that was not his. Ten thousand coin in hand, he ran off after he gave over our guilds land.  All in all 6 plots we lost, and not a penny at his cost.

And here we are, all feeling quite bizarre.

I tell you my story, before our great guild moves on to glory.