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Server Ping

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kiamori Posted: 5 Sep 2014 2:56

In order to pick the best server for launch we're letting the guild decide as a whole by testing ping times.

What server has the best ping for you?

Help us pick a launch server by testing the ping to all of the servers, vote then reply with your ping. You can test your route and ping to the servers by doing the following.

open command prompt, type in the following "Ping #.#.#.#" or "tracert #.#.#.#" for full trace.

For example:


"ping" or tracert"

ping will just show time for a tracert you can see how many hops(each line is a hop) and your ping will be the last set of three before the "Trace complete" message.



  •,,, (EU Servers) (0%)
  •,,,,, (US Servers) (100%)
  • Total Votes: 2
  • Voting Ended: 10/5/2014
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Nikki replied on 7 Sep 2014 15:15

Looks like EU and US are the same number of hops.  EU servers average 140ms & US average about 60ms.

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Puk replied on 7 Sep 2014 20:14

My best trace route ping time was for server avg 58ms .. seems the US servers are in Texas, Stemmons Texas I believe.

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