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The Delve into Piracy

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McGangsta Posted: 30 Oct 2014 7:10

So recently, as a few of you may have heard, Hyeena and I made the flip into piracy. Don't fret though your beloved fishing boat liberators and the free fish and good times that come with will be returning to SotD. Hopefully faster and stronger after picking up some pirate exclusive items. Until we make our return I figure we can keep you guys updated here, on a forum rather than a blog so both of us can keep it updated.

So making the flip:

To initially become a pirate we had to amass 3000 infamy each. This was actually a pretty serious grind and there are a few guides out there on different methods. Rather than going out and smashing noobs in Sandeep or Cinderstone and risking big jail time and dragging SotD's guild tag through the mud we opted to steal about 600 potatos from each other and murder each other's donkey about 80 times. (Sorry Bruce and Lilnig) In hindsight I would pick up a new mount before I was wanted and keep it at level 5 to speed this up and make the reviving at the stablehand much cheaper. During this process we /w all our friends to explain the situation as we wouldn't be able to whisper anyone from the faction after we flipped. At 2990 we said our good byes to the guild and murdered our donkeys one last time.

The world went quiet. Guild and nation chat disappeared and our guild tags dropped clean off. I felt almost naked, now we were just McGangsta and Hyeena, in a red zone, with a 40min minimum jail sentence. We had to move. After trolling round the guild island briefly we shot to drunks house to get closer to Growlgate, of course the door was locked to us and rather than returning to the guild island we took our first risk and portaled straight to Solzreed's Pumpkin patch.

Reds. Everywhere.

We took to the ocean as quick as our scared little feet would carry us, we knew as soon as we dived into the sea we would be at home and no one would catch us, I don't think I have ever been so relieved to hit an at war region than when we made it into the Arcadian Sea. We happened upon a fishing hole and so happened our first act of piracy, it was too easy. The Nuian fisherman haven't had us harassing them for over a week and this poor fisherman jumped into the water and was dead before he got wet, I don't even remember his guild.

I headed to Growlgate while Hyeena left for Freedich to turn in our ill gotten gains, what happened when I hit the pirate island was mind boggling but this is turning into a wall of text so I'll leave Hyeena to fill you in on that.

Keep fighting the good fight and if you need any green's "taken care of" send us some mail we will need something to fill the days between the 12hr daily cool down.




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What happen to you guys, have not seen you online in forever.

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